CKC CH. Happy Acres Sun Kissed “Kiss”

Don’t misunderstand this because we LOVE all of our dogs. However Kiss stands above that. Kiss will live in my heart forever and when I die Kiss will be there at my side. Kiss was my heart dog and that type of bond doesn’t come along but once or twice in a lifetime. Kisses granddaughter was born on the day she died and I have a little bit extra attachment to her. She looks just like Kisses mother and she acts just like Kiss, so maybe in another 10 years I will be telling you that Penny is my heart dog. Speaking of Kisses mother..she took my breath away..literally when I saw her at a dog show. I couldn’t catch my breath she was so lovely. I asked for a puppy from her that day and a year later we got Kiss. Kiss was loved by everybody. And Kiss started us on a new line at Asoro’s. We have kept and bred many of Kisses kids and now are breeding Kisses grandkids. She always will live on here at Asoro’s