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The purpose of responsible and reputable breeding is to preserve the soundness and health of purebred dogs. That purpose in mind, our goal as breeders is to produce sound and healthy pets for the public. Breeding should only be done to improve and better the breed, and by knowledgeable breeders who uphold that commitment. Because of these reasons, Asoro’s encourages spaying and neutering all pets. All puppies are sold on AKC limited registrations to discourage breeding.

At Asoro’s Golden we are small scale hobby breeders. We cannot supply the demand we get for puppies nor would it be responsible or reputable to try to. If a litter notice is not posted on this page we wish to refer you on to other breeders that we personally know and trust.

If a litter notice is not posted on this page the waiting period for a puppy could be up to 4 to 6 months. If you are interested in a adult dog we do periodically have them available.

Litter notice

We do always have a waitlist for puppies. Feel free to email or call for current litter info and puppy availability.